Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Blood Like Poison - your different kind of Twilight

M. Leighton has been on my to read list with lots of book, so I was happy to see that she came up in my book roulette. 

The Blood Like Poison series by M. Leighton

Ridley Heller is your regular high school girl that dreams about going away to Stanford after graduation. Her life, a mixture between neglecting parents (they are still mourning the death of Ridley's older sister Izzy three years ago) and friends that care more about social status than actual friendships, also seems sadly normal. That is until Bo enters the picture. There is something that draws Ridley to him, some pull that she's unable to resist. While trying to figure out her feelings for the new guy, people start disappearing a small town is thrust into the unknown. Who is kidnapping and killing all those people? And what does Bo have to do with it! The secrets that are revealed to her will leave Ridley question everything she has known about her life and her past. But will she get past everything and help Bo fulfill a destiny that has been layed out for him? Will she sacrifice everything she loves for the most selfless act ever? You will never know if you don't read this....

"Why do you try?" "Because it's the right thing to do." "Do you always do the right thing?" His lips twisted up into a wry grin. "Almost never."
For The Love of A Vampire - M. Leighton

When I started reading this book, I agreed with a lot of other reviews about the first book. It starts of a lot like Twilight. We all know what Bo turns out to be, and since we knew that and I agreed with others that said it's like Twilight in the beginning, just like everyone else, I was drawn into the story when I realized it turned out not to be a storyline like Twilight AT ALL. And I loved it, I really did. The story was fast-paced, beautifully written and just drew you in. 

Every cell in my body welcomed his closeness, all my senses opened up to take him in, like flower petals opening up for the sweet, wet kiss of rain.
Destined for A Vampire - M. Leighton

I didn't want to stop reading for any of the books and was glad they were all already available for me to get. The story arc is amazingly handled, and it never gets boring, in no time at all. Ridley herself is highly likeable and relatable (okay, if you ignore the fact that we are talking vampires here) and you really love and hurt with her. Bo....oh my, Bo is something else as well! And I mean that simply with love. He's a great guy, one that does remind me of Edward in his way of loving so effortlessly, so charmingly and just making you feel that for him, there is noone else in the world. I loved how the relationship blossomed, but how there were always obstacles thrown in their way. They are tested more than once, and you REALLY wish for them to have their happy ever after. But nothing is safe in this story...

So like I said, I HIGHLY recommend this story for anyone that loved Twilight (yes, that is right) and who loves their mystery mixed with romance! Oh my, read it, now!! You won't regret it! Plus, I will definitely read more of M. Leighton, that is definitely for sure as well!

Thanks for reading,

Friday, August 23, 2013

Hollowland - a different kind of novel

Amanda Hocking's "Trylle" series is among one of my favs, so I really wanted to read this book.

We get to know Remy, who is a young woman that is trying to survive in a world where a virus has taken over, turning every human they can get their hands (and teeth) on into zombies. When one day, the safe compound where she lives, gets overtaken by zombies, she can't do anything but flee, leaving her younger brother Max in the care of the government. For some reason they evacuated him. A little boy, sick in the hospital ward, but not the healthy people that live with Remy. While she knows the secret, it becomes her mission to find her way back to her brother. She is the older sibling after all and needs to take care of him, no matter what. On her quest to find her brother, Remy finds more survivors  some that turns out to be friends, others even more than that. While trying to survive in a land where zombies seem to lurk behind every corner, will Remy succeed in finding her little brother alive?

This book was unlike anything I had read in a while. I was hesitant when it came up, but since it's a Hocking book, I still wanted to try. And while it was not a super read that had me read it in one setting, it was suspenseful, exciting and somehow did make you want to know what the end would bring. The story is really well-written and fast-paced, which also fits the whole zombie theme. Remy is a likeable character that you can relate to in terms of loyalty and her instinct to survive, simply to rescue her brother. And she will stop at nothing to get to him. Her sense of responsibility is hightened, because it's a dangerous world, and the more people join her quest, the more people she puts in danger, something she absolutely hates. But no matter what, Remy never gives up. She will fight through everything and for everyone in her group which is what makes her a great heroine. One you can't help but admire.

The story doesn't get really emotional, so it's not a heart-wrenching kind of novel, it's more for fans that enjoy a little suspense and action (because there ARE zombie attacks after all). If you like that, and like to have a quick, easy, nice and fast read, you will love Amanda Hocking's Hollowland. I definitely enjoyed it. 

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Battlescars - a Rock n Roll Romance

You know I love my rockers...even more so with tattoos and a little bit of attitude! So reading Battlescars by Sophie Monroe seemed pretty logical to me
Aubrey Thompson is a flight attendant with her dad's private airplane firm. She's hired to attend to  rock star and lead singer of the rock sensation Battlescar, Jake Parker, during their next tour. With the image of a womanizer, Aubrey hates the gig, but soon discovers that there is more to Jake than she thought. Before she lets him close though, there are things that Aubrey herself needs to face, things from her past that she has pushed back in her mind. Will Jake manage to penetrate the wall she has put up? Will he be what saves her? Or will it be the other way around?
So like I said before, give me a rockstar, tattoos and an attitude and I'm all over the book. I had high hopes for the book, and while it was a nice read, it just didn't live up to the expectations that I had. There are a few reasons for that:
1. Jake Parker: while I adore his character overall, there where moments where he went "balls to the walls", as Aubrey calls is, and that was a little bit too much even for me. He's a rocker, but he was too much of a softie for me at times. Don't get me wrong, I love guys that seems hard from the outside but are soft on the inside, but Monroe overdid it for me with Jake Parker sometimes. Not always, there are some really cute and lovable things he does for Aubrey and I LOVED it when he was worried about her. But I couldn't shake that feeling at times.
2. the characters and the story itself: the whole thing seemed a little rushed to me. I had the feeling you didn't really have time to get to know the characters. One thing happens after the other, and it was just a little too quick storywise for me. I don't wanna say the characters where too shallow to feel something, but it lacked the depth a little. I'm trying hard to find the right words, but it's hard, because like I said, it wasn't that they were shallow or unlikeable, but I felt that Monroe rushed with their stories. The writing didn't help, because if I have three sentence that say: they do this, then they do this, and then they do that, it looses the suspense.
It was a nice read, overall a nice story, but I think she could've done more with the story! I will definitely read the second story, too though, which I'm actually excited about!!
So, if you want a quick paced, no time to really think about it, story, then this is the right thing for you!
Yours, booklover,

Monday, August 19, 2013

Between the Lines - ending was well worth the wait!

So it's been a while since we've written a review, but finally I have something to share again!
"Here without you" is the fourth and last book in Tammara Webber's "Between the Lines" series. While the first two books focused on the relationship of one Emma Pierce and Graham Douglas, the third and now fourth installment focus on Reid Alexander and the one girl that finally manages to tame him.
So here's where we are after the first part of their story: Reid, a typical hollywood snob that thinks he can get everything and everyone, is sentenced to community service after wrecking a house with his car. Meeting Dori, a gooddoer, as he calls her, he realizes that there is more to life than an endless supplies of women and alcohol. For the first time in years, he falls in love. While Dori herself is hesitant at first, it becomes clear quickly that even she cannot resist the charm of Reid Alexander. Despite what she thinks about him, there is more to him than meets the eye, and when she starts to see that, their relationship starts to blossom. Going full force at the end of the book, all seems to be well....if it wasn't for that one secret that Reid is hiding from her: the existence of his child.
So this is where "Here without you" actually starts. Alternating view points with Reid, Dori and Brooke (the mother of Reid's child), the whole story quickly draws you in. Why? Because Brooke (the female Reid, so to say) suddenly gets the notion of looking for her son, only to find out that he's in foster care and that his childhood is anything but pretty. In a matter of hours she has decided that she wants to get him back. Adopt him. Something she also lets Reid in on, who clearly is none too happy about it. He hasn't told Dori about this little secret, and reveiling something like that to her with the background she has is close to suicide. So needless to say, there is enough drama in this book to get you through. What will happen once Dori knows about the child? What will Reid do? So many questions that you will WANT to have an answer to.
I loved this book on so many levels. In the first book of this series, you quickly learn to dislike Reid. Even more so in the second one (along with Brooke). However, to see him grow from the third book and also in this book, is just awesome to read. Tammara Webber manages to turn a character you don't really feel all that much sympathy for to turn into a character you can't help but wanting to be happy. Reid might be a Casanova, but Dori changed him. She didn't do much, but Reid wanted to be better for her, and he is. The things he does and says make you wanna drool and just hide in his arms forever, no matter what comes with it. Dori herself is a character I have liked from the beginning, and she doesn't disappoint in this book either. I loved the whole storyline, I think it was a brilliant ending to the series and this is actually my fav book out of all of them. And the last scene...oh my, it had me crying! I mean, you kinda guessed that this would be what happens, but to have it written out so amazingly well just made the whole experience that much more awesome.
Thank you Tammara Webber for writing such a stunning book that I wanted to reread again the moment I finished it!

Friday, August 2, 2013

Fallen Angels in their full beauty

Fallen angels have always been a favorite topic of mine! So the Fallen series by Lauren Kate were only a natural read for me! And it didn't disappoint.

The story goes as follows: Lucinda Price is your average teenage girl. That is, if you don't count the shadows that seem to be an ever contant in her life, the mysterious death of her almost boyfriend that resulted in her having to go through therapy and everyone calling her crazy. Okay, maybe not so average after all. But when Luce is forced to attend Sword&Cross, a school for problem kids, things start to be even more weird. Why? Because there's Daniel Grigori. Even though he's flipping her off the first time she sees him, there is something unexplicable that draws her to him. He's quiet, brooding, and yet always seems to be around Luce when she least expects him to be. Before long, it becomes clear that she's well on her way to fall in love with him. But can this love survive? What secrets does Daniel hide from her? Why is there this bright glow around him from time to time? And what about Cam, the other guy that seems to want to get to know Luce better? While Luce makes friends at Sword&Cross, there is more to this school than meets the eye. 
While Luce falls deeper in love with Daniel and secrets begin to unravel, Luce also discovers things about her own life that she never thought possible.

"I've already had to wait so long."
"How long?" Luce asked.
"Not so long that I've forgotten that you're worth everything. Every sacrifice. Every pain." 

"Fallen" - Lauren Kate

This story is beautiful on so many levels. Not only is this not your typical fallen angels story, but it's also a story about love and sacrifice, about finding out who you truly are and the difficulties that come with facing your own worst fears and figuring out what your part is in life. Watching Luce and Daniel fall in love with each other, seeing how deeply they feel for each other is just beyond great. It makes you believe in love, no matter how out of this world this story seems to be. You start to believe that someone out there will always wait for you, that there is that one person in the world who will love you just for who you are. 
It's also, like I said, a beautiful story about learning who you are, who you were and who you are meant to me. Joining Luce on the journey to her own self is easy, makes you root for her and wish that things will be alright. Even at times when you don't think there's any happy ending, something will make you have faith again.

"Sometimes beautiful things come into our lives out of nowhere. We can't always understand them, but we have to trust in them. I know you want to question everything, but sometimes it pays to just have a little faith." 
"Torment" - Lauren Kate

With this story Lauren Kate managed to create a world of her own, describing everything in perfect detail, therefore making it really easy for you to feel like you are right there with her characters. And besides Luce, Daniel and Cam, there are lots more that you instantly come to like. From her newfound friends Arriane,  Shelby, Miles, Penn, everyone you will meet on the way you will just like in their own way.

"The only way to survive eternity is to be able to appreciate each moment." 
"Fallen" - Lauren Kate

So for everyone that hasn't started the series yet, I highly recommend it. If you want a beautiful story about fallen angels, neverending love and sacrifice and wonderful characters, you should definitely read the "Fallen" series by Lauren Kate. I definitely enjoyed it.